About Us

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Pals of Paws is an independent non-profit that is dedicated to helping animal rescue shelters across the state of Florida. We want to help the animals living in these shelters by raising awareness of the conditions these animals live in. We help provide supplies to overcrowded shelters. We also organize events to help pair rescue dogs with loving families. Our volunteers also assist with the care of animals in the shelter who are patiently waiting to find a loving home.There are many misconceptions about rescue dogs. Some peopel believe that they are more prone to violent and destructive behavior then dogs who are purchased from breeders. This misconception makes it more difficult for these animals to be adopted. This leads to overcrowding in shelters, which leads to many of these dogs being put down because they have been there for too long. Pals of Paws wants to help minimize the number of animals in shelters and assist the shelters who do not have the means to house all of these animals by providing them with resources that are necessary to the ongoing day to day operations. Click here for statistcis on American Shelters. If you are thinking of adopting a dog and want to find pets in Shelters near you click here